Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sacred Ceremony Rites of Passage

Ceremonies and Ritual to honour milestones, relationships and events in a unique and sacred way

Let us work together to design a unique experience that represents you and how you want to express the milestone or event you will be honouring,

It may be a group of friends,  celebrating their journey and bond, or
a commitment ceremony that refelcts your Soul's union and connection
a special birthday (what birthday isn't special!) or
something that is unique and you wish to appreciate with something memorable.

We can do Living Live Raw and Vegetarian canapes to provide sustanance and celebration

and Jon can cut a Crystal for you to commemorate and hold the energy of your experience and intention

EMAIL me and we can create something inspired together as simple or ornate as we can dream...

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vision Quest Dreaming - the men are answered

Great response to the Phoenix Ignites retreat, but the men felt left out, so after a little alchemy and connection with Essence, Dr Jon had created Vision Quest Dreaming redefining the Masculine in the face of the returning Feminine

Held by Men for Men who want to remember through mind body spirit,
their connection to Source and the Great Mother.

For the serious seeker who wants to extend his perception beyond the ordinary into the heart of the matter and transform fearlessly
what will not carry into the emerging NOW.

As we move together through the fire of transformation,
what is left is the purity of truth, who we really are, embodied now in the physical, ready to dream the new dream with strength and integrity
within the new frequencies with
an activated *MerKaBa and genuine **Essence connection

*a MerKaBa is counterrotating field of LIGHT that moves through realities,
creates realities and interprets realities

** Essence is your sum total of Soul experience, all bodies all dimensions all points in tme
-        all of You,  all the way back to Source
NOVEMBER 7-9 2014 @ CasaVeras in the Byron Hinterland...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weekend Retreat Experience with the ladies of the Veras Mystery Schcol

The Phoenix Ignites - all killer no filler weekend retreat for an adventure in consciousness that will align you with your purpose, reboot and direct the passion of the body mind spirit and be a good rockin time!

For the curious, click here to connect

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Veranese: A question from one of our first ATIH students

Veranese: A question from one of our first ATIH students: My   biggest   hugest   question   that   is   a   major  challenge   for   me   right   now   is; How   do   you   guys   find   the ...

A question from one of our first ATIH students

My biggest hugest question that is a major challenge for me right now is;
How do you guys find the motivation to be increation mode on this 3D plane in such practical ways. I.E getting career things happening, building houses, etc.?
So true, an I think one of the biggest things facing the true seeker right now - how do move from the brain and really live in my heart, living the truth of what that means, body mind and spirit - click here and read our responses...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

updated site, new moon, its all happening


Updated the veranese site after much drama getting some decent web action.

I ended up doing it myself and am pretty happy where it went, relatively drama free (I am sure Jman would contest that) and no more $$$ which is amazing in itself

SO its all happening - new email addresses too - so over having so many or covers the lot